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Dear All, It's been 6 months since we received the blow of losing our appeal. It has taken me a while to integrate this fact and see my way to next steps. I can imagine it has been equally hard for you all to just walk away after almost 6 years of dedicated efforts. One thing is certain: The fight is not over.  We have formed such a wonderful, effective, and creative community working to save our wetlands and park. This joining together made us strong. We can be satisfied that we brought pertinent issues into the public's consciousness.  This kind of cohesive effort can go on, should go on. I hope you agree. To start things going, there will be a party for us to gather at The Mail Depot on Friday November 14, 2014, 7 PM. Expect good music and of course great conversation. Bring pot luck food and drinks, bring friends.  We'll have an update on future plans to persevere protecting our park and gateway and an opportunity to hear ideas from all

Dear Friends of Shollenberger,

Six years ago our community and City Council stood up for Shollenberger Park and rejected the Dutra asphalt factory proposal in favor of the health and quality of life in Petaluma. We spoke at the  Board of Supervisors hearings, we wrote letters and emails, and thousands signed petitions.  We spoke out against allowing a private business, Dutra Materials, to ruin our most popular park and valuable wetlands. We said "NO" to Dutra's asphalt factory towers and trucks blighting our Gateway and  the banks of our River. Three of our our elected Supervisors (Carrillo, Kelley, and Kerns) failed to properly interpret and enforce our County General Plan. These three chose instead to find loopholes like the fairytale of  "river dependency" to allow the rezoning of Dutra's parcels to Light industrial. Two Supervisors, Shirlee Zane and Valerie Brown spoke eloquently in favor of protecting public health from the impacts of asphalt manufacture deadly by products like he


The City of Petaluma and the coalition of plaintiffs filed March 14, 2014 a Petition for Rehearing of three issues ruled upon by the State Court of Appeal on March 7, 2014. (Decision attached) The City of Petaluma and our Community have fought long and hard to preserve and protect our most popular park, our wetlands, our health, and our Gateway. These are keys to Petaluma’s future prosperity and enjoyment of this place. We will continue to make our case for the rejection of the Dutra Asphalt factory at the proposed location and defend our community against degradation by Dutra’s project. California law provides a legal path for rehearing of issues at the Court of Appeal by appellants who strongly believe the panel of judges significantly erred in their ruling. The plaintiffs are requesting that the Court of Appeal reconsider and correct their decisions on three issues: 1. The Court ruled that there is no remedy available for the County’s violation of the Brown Act, when the Boa