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Have you been to Shollenberger lately??

Head out and see see the beauty of the park! We have a new banner up encouraging support for our park. Thank you David for your graphic talent and Lisa for the donation of a new banner!


Kaye Chandler’s documentary, “It Takes A Community” is a tribute to the power of a community to define its values, express its hopes for a healthy place to live and work, and to fight for this vision. Filmed and edited by Kaye to communicate the knowledge gleaned and action taken by the Petaluma, CA community during the past 4 years as they oppose the powerful Dutra Materials Co. and its allies in County government. Staring straight into the camera, we hear the reasoned, heartfelt, and determined voices of Mayor Pam Torliatt, Vice Mayor Dave Glass, Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams as they outline why Dutra’s Asphalt Plant will be bad for business, bad for housing values, and bad for residents’ health and well being. We hear from ordinary moms, who created an organization Moms For Clean Air, to inform other parents about the health risks this factory will pose to their families. We hear dedicated docents, (who guide schoolchildren through Shollenberger Park, a living laboratory, to l

It Takes A Community - documentary premiere on 8/15

Join us on August 15th for the premiere of It Takes A Community, a documentary by Kaye Chandler. IT TAKES A COMMUNITY by Kaye Chandler AUGUST 15th, Sunday Evening Movie Premiere and Benefit 5:30-7:45pm ~ Dine Out 8:15pm ~ Showtime Aqus Cafe - 189 H Street, Petaluma This one-hour documentary details the grass roots efforts to save Shollenberger Park, the Petaluma Wetlands and our healthy community from the Dutra Asphalt Factory. Meet for dinner or just come for the movie! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Shollenberger by the generous folks at the Aqus Cafe. Movie Premiere: 1 Hour documentary, "It Takes A Community" by Kaye Chandler Seating is limited, so pre-buy your ticket to the film showing ($15 donation requested) at Aqus (cash or check only). Where is the Aqus, you ask? Click here