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Dear Friends of Shollenberger

Shollenberger Park and the Petaluma Wetlands are local treasures . Here we enjoy communion with friends, family; birds and the outdoors. Here we exercise and find inspiration. Friends of Shollenberger has worked tirelessly for five years to preserve and protect this sensitive wetlands habitat from the threat of Dutra’s asphalt factory. We’re writing to ask you to help protect Shollenberger Park by including us in your annual giving plans. Please dig deep and make a donation to Friends of Shollenberger today and help preserve our beloved Shollenberger Park. What has Friends of Shollenberger (FOS) accomplished in 2012 to benefit our community? • Friends of Shollenberger alerted the U.S. Army Core of Engineers of the planned legal appeal and thus delayed Dutra’s permit processing. • Filed a legal appeal in San Francisco Appellate Court to challenge Judge Chouteau’s (Dec. 2011) decision to side with Dutra and Sonoma County Board. • Coordinated the coalition of plaintiffs: Moms for