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Welcome Back!

Dear Friends of Shollenberger, Welcome back from the Pandemic Years of isolation. We’ve held Dutra’s toxic and noxious asphalt factory proposal at Shollenberger Park to a standstill since 2007, but Dutra is still trying to avoid complying with the regulations of the Final Environmental Report (FEIR).   All has been quiet for three years on   the Dutra front until now and our blog has also been quiet too. It's time to rally our community and continue our work to preserve and protect Shollenberger Park from the pollution of the proposed Dutra Asphalt factory. Operating an asphalt factory on the banks of the Petaluma River 150 ft. from our wonderful Shollenberger Park is still “The Wrong Place Wrong Plant”. Our blog will be your main source of information and with our new volunteer Lia to keep it up to date, I invite you to read it and pass it on to friends and neighbors. So many residents have moved to Petaluma during the Pandemic years - new families, young adults, retirees. Speakin