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This is the Face of The Community

We represent all ages from all walks of life. We're united to ensure a healthy community and the preservation of our environment. Thank you to everyone that has stood up for future generations health and recreation. Please don't stop until the final vote on July 21st! New Outreach Documents: Ensure we Hold The Vote by distributing this flyer to our entire community (pdf) Can we depend on Dutra? Their national record of violations, fines, and a Marin County Grand Jury investigation tell us that they are not a “good neighbor.” Click here to help spread the word! (pdf) Continue to Send Letters to the Press: Click here for a list of Sonoma County Media

Help Protect Petaluma's Ecotourism

PETALUMA WETLANDS A BIRDER’S DREAM At the end of July, the new Ellis Creek trail will be opened to the public, adding over two miles to an existing trail system in the Petaluma wetlands that includes strolls through Alman Marsh, and around Shollenberger Park. One will be able to walk almost eight miles (roundtrip) starting at the Sheraton Hotel located at the Petaluma Marina. This will only enhance what many (Greenbelt Alliance, S.F. Chronicle, etc.) have already described as a top destination for nature lovers. The 500-acre contiguous wetlands, left unspoiled, have much to offer - 200 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, over 100 types of plants, with trails that meander through or are adjacent to a variety of habitats ranging from seasonal ponds, uplands, to salt marshes. At points in the trail one walks alongside the Petaluma River. The headquarters of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO) is also located next to Shollenberger. PRBO is world famous for

Petaluma 360 Survey

There is currently a survey on Petaluma on whether the city should support legal action to stop the Dutra asphalt plant if necessary. Help us by taking the survey! Click here to take the survey!

Thank You Sonoma County Conservation Action!

The Sonoma County Conservation Action crafted the following letter, distributing it door-to-door throughout the county to over 15,000 doors and obtaining over 200 letters (opposing the asphalt plant) to the Supervisors from residents in Petaluma, Sebastopol and Sonoma. Thank you for your support! June 13, 2009 Dear Sonoma County Supervisors Brown, Carrillo, and Zane, We commend you for opposing the Dutra Group’s project proposal for Haystack Landing in Petaluma. As you have witnessed, and the SCCA door to door canvass and Know Your Neighbor program volunteers have observed, there has been an enormous amount of community opposition to Dutra’s project at this location. We feel that the community has done their research and found many valid reasons to reject this asphalt plant. As you have acknowledged, the health concerns are undeniable; and these are in addition to many more unmitigable impacts. Thank you so much for making a wise decision on this issue. We greatly appreciate your recog

Between Now and July 21st

We have taken one more step in ensuring the protection of Shollenberger Park, its wildlife, and our citizens! The finish line may be in sight, and the scoreboard now in our favor, but you can be sure that Dutra will not go quietly into the night. We are extremely proud of the three Sonoma County Supervisors for stating the position that they cannot support approval of the asphalt plant proposal; however continued energy and effort is vital up until the formal vote on July 21st. Sincere gratitude goes out to our courageous community for standing up to the status quo of power brokering and tit for tat destruction of our environment. We've proven that when people work together, we are a force to reckon with! Please do continue to send letters of thanks to the three Supervisors that voted for Shollenberger Park, its wildlife, and the people of Petaluma and Sonoma County - Shirlee Zane, Valerie Brown and Efren Carrillo. We would like to thank them for taking the path of the best and

Asphalt Plant Doomed

Dutra Material's controversial plan to erect an asphalt plant across the Petaluma River from Shollenberger Park appears doomed to eventual defeat after three Sonoma County supervisors declared Tuesday evening they would not support construction of the facility. Click here to read the entire Press Democrat article

WE WIN! (for now)

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors reversed their previous straw vote approval today stating in a 3-2 opinion that they will not support the Dutra's asphalt plant proposal at Haystack Landing!! Supervisors Brown, Carrillo & Zane showed great leadership, standing up for the Petaluma community and ensuring Shollenberger Park and the surrounding community remains free of toxic emissions. Please email these three Supervisors and thank them for their leadership and ask that they affirm their stance at the official confirmation on July 21st. Unfortunately, Supervisors Kelley & Kerns continue to support the Dutra project. Please email these two Supervisors and let them know how you feel. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP, SUPPORT AND ENERGY!

Dutra Project Violates Federal Clean Air Act

The Dutra Project violates the federal Clean Air Act (“CAA”) because it fails to incorporate Best Available Control Technology (“BACT”) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sections 165(a)(4) and 169(3) of the CAA require BACT to limit emissions of the greenhouse gas pollutant, carbon dioxide (“CO2”) for any project that will have a potential to emit more than 100 tons per year of CO2. The DEIR concludes that the Dutra Project will generate more than 8060 tons per year of CO2 (DEIR, p. V.B.-38) – which is 80 times higher than the 100 ton per year BACT threshold set by the Clean Air Act. Therefore, BACT is required. The DEIR is inadequate because it fails to disclose this requirement, and fails to propose implementation of BACT. WE NEED YOU ON TUESDAY JUNE 9TH (TOMORROW!) AT 1PM IN SANTA ROSA FOR THE FINAL VOTE. CLICK HERE TO RSVP! click here to download entire document on Dutra's Clean Air Act violation (large PDF file)

Proud of Petaluma - Litigation Planned if Dutra Plan Passes

"... if the Board of Supervisors disregards the important and well-founded concerns voiced by the City Council, the Petaluma River Council, and numerous other groups, interested persons and citizens, please be assured that the City Council stands ready to join litigation on behalf of the City to ensure that all important public policy and legal issues raised by the [Dutra] Project are properly addressed in accordance with applicable law." "In these very difficult economic times, the Petaluma City Council believes that now is a time when public agencies should cooperate as good stewards of local and regional resources and minimize the expenditure of public funds on litigation. Nevertheless, the City of Petaluma is ready to take action to help safeguard important local and regional resources like the Petaluma River corridor and Shollenberger Park." ~ Pamela Torliatt, Mayor, City of Petaluma Click here for full letter THANK YOU PETALUMA FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP! Click here


THIS IS IT! FINAL VOTE! The County Supervisors Final Vote On The Proposed Dutra Asphalt Plant In Petaluma TUESDAY, JUNE 9th, 2009 at 2PM (Please arrive at 1pm to ensure a spot in the building) Click here for a map The Board of Supervisors will vote to amend the County General Plan to change the zoning of the property at Haystack Landing from commercial to industrial and change the general plan to allow the asphalt plant to produce excessive noise and toxic emissions. Come tell the Supervisors this is not what you want! Click here to download our emailable / printable flyer (PDF file) RSVP here on Facebook Meet us before or after at Velasco's Mexican Restaurant at 190 Kentucky Street in Petaluma for a Dine-Out Fundraiser!

Huffman Meeting Draws Hundreds!

Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday in opposition of Dutra's proposed asphalt plant. Our presence was impressive. Now let's double it for the final vote on June 9th! Following are several videos from the meeting. The final vote is only days away...please talk to as many people as possible and ask them to voice their concerns to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and to our local and regional media! Click here to read K's detailed account of the event from her blog Local Dialect Click here to read Frank Simpson's blog on Petaluma 360 CLICK HERE TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD! CLICK HERE TO RSVP TO THE FINAL VOTE ON JUNE 9TH!