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Last Call: Health Forum on Asphalt Plant Impacts this Thursday 9/30!

Join us this Thursday, September 30th for the Petaluma Health Care District's COMMUNITY HEALTH FORUM ON THE PROPOSED DUTRA ASPHALT FACTORY. COME AND LEARN ABOUT THE POTENTIAL IMPACT THIS ASPHALT PLANT WILL HAVE ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH. Don't miss this opportunity to hear experts discuss the impacts of asphalt toxins on air quality and children. Speaking by invitation of Moms for Clean Air and Friends of Shollenberger: Dr. Alice Brock-Utne received her BA from the University of California,Berkeley and her MD from the University of California, Davis. She completedher residency at the University of California, San Francisco. A fellow ofthe American Academy of Pediatrics, she is a General Pediatrician with MarinCommunity Clinics. She is also the Project Director, Community and PrimaryCare Projects, Region 9 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit,University of California, San Francisco. Dr. James Clark is a well-recognized toxicologist, air modeler, and health

Spread the Word

HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Health Forum on Proposed Dutra Asphalt Plant Dutra Asphalt Factory plus hundreds of diesel trucks coming to Petaluma? SEPTEMBER 30, Thursday 7:00-9:00 pm Petaluma Community Center - Lucchesi Park 320 No. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma It is imperative that we have an excellent turnout! Questions will be taken from the audience and Dutra will no doubt pack the hall with their employees. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend! Print the attached .pdf flyer and post. Put a flyer at each door on your own block. Put flyers up in all possible venues! Your doctor's office, your haircutter, pet groomer, your favorite restaurant... Post on all possible social networks! Send to your e-mail lists, Facebook friends, clubs... Link to PDF Printable File Note: Moms For Clean Air, Friends of Shollenberger Park, The Petaluma Health Care District and the Dutra Corp. have mutually agreed that this event will be free of signage, stickers, buttons, etc. either for or against

Health Forum on Dutra Asphalt Plant

Join us for an informational evening about your family’s health. Health Impacts of Proposed Dutra Asphalt Plant in South Sonoma County Thursday, September 30, 2010 7:00-9:00pm Petaluma Community Center, Lucchesi Park 320 No. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma The public is invited to listen to a group of experts speak on potential health impacts of the proposed Dutra asphalt plant. Dr. Alice Brock-Utne , Coordinator of Primary Care and Community Health Projects for the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU), University of California, will present current science on the topic. Other speakers to be announced. Sponsored by the Petaluma Health Care District . Don't miss this important opportunity to ask questions about the interaction between exercise, recreation and toxic chemicals. Download the flyer HERE .

Oil Spill on Petaluma River

"An estimated 200 to 600 gallons of gear lubricating engine oil leaked into the river, said state Fish and Game Warden Josh Nicholas...This is a major spill for Petaluma,” said Petaluma Fire Battalion Chief Mike Ahlin. “This entire river area to the citizens of Petaluma is incredibly valuable.” "At Graffiti, a Second Street restaurant on a downtown bend of the river across from the Golden Eagle Shopping Center, general manager Jaime Marcalo said that while the spill didn't look particularly serious, “it affected our business tremendously.” He said boat traffic on the river had disappeared and the spill produced an unpleasant odor that drove away customers." Link to entire Press Democrat story.