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Group Photo Shoot at Shollenberger Park

  Friends of Shollenberger LET’S STAND Together Group Photo Shoot at Shollenberger Park SAT MAY 4, 2024 6 PM We’ve been working since 2008 to stop Dutra Asphalt Materials from building an industrial factory on the banks of the  Petaluma River, across from Shollenberger Park. In 2009 we gathered at the park to celebrate this effort and Scott Hess,  local photographer, took a picture of the community group working to stop the approval of the Dutra Asphalt factory on  the opposite banks of the Petaluma River. (See for the history of our efforts.) Let's keep up the fight by joining together for a NEW Friends of Shollenberger group photo on May 4, 2024! Scott Hess  will send up his drone to capture a NEW photo of our community, our wetlands and the beautiful expanse of the Petaluma  River. We'll also use this opportunity to participate in a community PHOTO-IN! Show us what you love about Shollenberger  Park by bringing your own cameras/phones while out at the