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Outreach Toolkit

One way to stop the construction of Dutra’s asphalt plant at Haystack Landing is to convince the County Supervisors that it is against the public’s will to approve this project. Help continue the enormous groundswell of community opposition by utilizing these flyers and documents. They are available to you to print out, distribute via e-mail or on your website. Take them around your neighborhood, dog park, school yard, wherever you go. GET THE FACTS – front page GET THE FACTS – back page This is our two-page, call-to-action flyer. If you are duplicating this document, be sure to print both pages back-to-back in an effort to save paper. HOLD THE VOTE! It's now 3-2 in our favor. Help make sure the straw vote becomes final. 15 REASONS WHY : This is the Wrong Plant in the Wrong Place. Don't let the spin campaign influence your community. CAN WE DEPEND ON DUTRA? Their national record of violations, fines, and a Marin County Grand Jury investigation tell us that they are not a “go

Wildlife Impacts of Asphalt Plant

Dutra claims they will ensure protection for species habitat, and that the Egret and Heron nesting sites at Haystack Landing were studied in the EIR and will not be driven out. Statements from these experts appear to contradict that claim: “Dear Sonoma County Planning Commission, I was informed about some changes contemplated in the County General Plan, initiated by the Dutra Group, that could have a negative impact (noise disturbance) on the endangered California Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus) in the upper Petaluma River tidal wetlands. We have conducted protocol-level surveys for this marsh bird over the last several years and detected pairs present during the breeding season at several locations in tidal marshlands associated with Ellis Creek, just south of Shollenberger Park. Exact locations are on file with the California Natural Diversity Data Base (CNNDB) and in reports submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Endangered Species, Sacramento. Th

Community Health Forum Announced

The Petaluma Health Care District has announced a community forum on March 17th to discuss the health impacts of the proposed Dutra asphalt plant. The forum will consist of presentations on health-related issues, followed by a question-answer period. All of the members of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be invited, along with several other people, including representatives of Dutra and the people who prepared the final environmental impact report. The forum will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Petaluma Community Center in Lucchesi Park, at 320 N. McDowell Blvd. Help spread the word by printing and distributing this flyer

Sebastopol City Council Expected to Support Us!

We have received word that the Sebastopol City Council will address at their next meeting, on Tuesday March 3rd, a letter of support for the City of Petaluma 's stand on the Dutra Asphalt Plant. Please forward any and all letters and emails of support to Sebastopol Mayor Sarah Gurney . The Friends of Shollenberger Park and Petaluma's Clean Air applaud your courage to stand up for the best interest of the local community. Verbiage from their Agenda reads: "Consideration of approval of a letter to be sent to all Sonoma County cities and the County of Sonoma expressing the City of Sebastopol's position that decisions made by the elected bodies of the cities within the County with regard to issues within their respective sphere's of influence or urban growth boundaries be respected by the County of Sonoma (Mayor Gurney)" Encourage the rest of Sonoma County to follow Sebastopol's lead! Sonoma Mayor - Ken Brown Cotati Mayor - John Gu

Public Record Re-Opened! Email Your Concerns Now!!

The Sonoma County Planning Commission has re-opened the public record on proposed alterations to the Sonoma County General Plan by The Dutra Group and will hold a public hearing on March 5th. Express your concerns about altering the existing Noise Element Standards at Haystack Landing to allow for the construction and operation of an Asphalt Plant. These alterations will greatly impact the quality of life for local residences and businesses, permanently harm surrounding wildlife and wetlands , and destroy Shollenberger Park as we know it today. Written comments submitted by this Thursday (2/26) will be included in the packet submitted to the planning commissioners, but comments will be accepted up until the March 5th hearing. Email your statements to Steve Padovan: NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department has received application PLP04-0046 from Dutra Group, et. al., requesting: 1) A General Plan Amendment to c

Dutra’s Ads print the word FACTS in bold black letters, but they can’t fool us

As you may have noticed, the Dutra Group has begun to spend a significant amount of money on local print media and web presence to publicize their "claims". Do you think they are worried? Their national record of violations, fines, and court orders tell us that they are not a “good neighbor.” MYTH vs. FACT Dutra describes the construction of this plant as a “relocation.” Haystack Landing is a new large plant. Dutra’s temporary small operation was shut down Nov. 1, 2007 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) for operating without a permit and failing Best Available Control Technology (BACT). Dutra claims the proposed site is an “industrial” area. The Haystack Landing parcels would have to be rezoned from commercial to “industrial” to accommodate the plant, with amendments to the recently adopted Sonoma County General Plan. Dutra claims "[The Dutra Haystack Landing Project] is subject to more than 140 conditions ... that will ensure protection of air qual

Mayor Commentary: Wrong place for asphalt plant

By Pamela Torliatt , Mayor of the city of Petaluma and chairperson of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 7:27 p.m. For many years, the city of Petaluma’s economic stimulus strategy has focused on our unique environmental and ecological attributes along the Petaluma River. The city, working with the Coastal Conservancy, Sonoma County Open Space District, National Parks Services, private companies and non-profit organizations, has invested millions of dollars to build eco-tourism and attract environmentally friendly businesses to Petaluma. The proposed Dutra asphalt batch and recycling plant puts this huge investment at risk that more than 150,000 people visit and enjoy annually. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has indicated they are prepared to amend the Sonoma County General Plan land use and text, amend the Petaluma Dairy Belt Area Plan, rezone property, authorize a Design Review Permit for a new industrial operation along a

Where do we go from here?

The final approval vote is March 24th. We need your support! 1. Sign. Go to and sign our on-line petition to let the Board of Supervisors know you’re against this plan. 2. E-mail. Let your voice be heard! The final approval is March 24th. Contact the Board of Supervisors demanding them to join the Petaluma City Council with a “No” vote on this proposal. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors First District Supervisor - Valerie Brown Second District Supervisor – Mike Kerns Fourth District Supervisor – Paul L. Kelley Fifth District Supervisor – Efren Carrillo (Supervisor Shirlee Zane has come out against this proposal) 3. Donate. Help fund the legal fight against this travesty by giving to our partner The O.W.L. Foundation, a Sonoma County group dedicated to preserving our precious land and water resources. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW 4.

The Power of Reality: a youtube collage of what could be

A Glorious Asphalt Plant, with music-over real sounds The real sounds of Industry (not a 'contained' plant) Fire at asphalt plant, July 15, 2008 Truck driver's view: Arriving at Irwindale CA Asphalt Plant for pick up Getting an asphalt load, Irwindale (The EIR does not address worker safety) Uncontained Plant: watch what follows the untarped trucks down the road Crushing concrete at plant Rock and concrete crushing, full volume Rock crushing plant, concrete, more sounds of industry

Supervisor Mike Kerns: You sold us down the river!

SUPERVISOR MIKE KERNS: YOU SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER Let Mr. Kerns know how you feel: MIKE KERNS, PETALUMA’S 2ND DISTRICT SUPERVISOR voted for big business Dutra Co. and against the will of his own district in a straw vote approving the Asphalt Plant at Haystack Landing. If Mike had opposed the project it is unlikely the other Supervisors would have imposed their will over our District. Despite hundreds of citizens and their children attending the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors hearing yesterday and 3000 signatures on petitions opposing the project, Mike chose to side with Dutra and their friends in the construction industry wanting cheaper asphalt. Mothers, teachers, docents, artists, homeowners, business owners, and environmentalists presented fact filled testimony about the impact of an asphalt plant. They spoke of concerns about their family’s health, the visual beauty and serenity of Shollenberger Park, the valuable educational asset of a wildlife and

The Vote is Today!

Please show your support for the park, our environment and a sustainable community!! Join us in Santa Rosa at 2pm! Email the Supervisors, urging them to vote "NO" on this proposal : First District Supervisor - Valerie Brown Second District Supervisor – Mike Kerns Third District Supervisor – Shirlee Zane Fourth District Supervisor – Paul L. Kelley Fifth District Supervisor – Efren Carrillo Online Petition: Attend the Meeting: Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Time: 2:00pm Location: Supervisors' Meeting Room Street: 575 Administration Drive, Suite 100 A City/Town: Santa Rosa, CA Phone: 707.565.2241

A Dark Cloud is hanging over Petaluma: the Dutra Asphalt Plant proposal

By David Keller former City Council member founder, Petaluma River Council This is a very noxious and dangerous project from Dutra Group, proposing a large asphalt batch plant and recycling facility (650,000tons/yr total production) along the banks of the Petaluma River, directly opposite the well-loved and highly used Shollenberger Park (marsh restoration, trails, national Audubon Society ranking as one of the top 4 new birding sites in the country a couple of years ago, outdoor classroom, research area), and adjacent to a 6 year old thriving egret/heron rookery in eucalyptus trees on the Dutra site itself. The Park itself is used by over 150,000 visitors annually, and would suffer permanent damages from this location and operations as proposed. There are a huge number of unmitigable significant impacts of the project. On Jan. 26th, at the Petaluma City Council meeting, over 30 people spoke against it (including several from San Pedro Rd. Coalition in San Rafael), out of a crowd of 80