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Council Joins Community To Appeal Dutra Approval

Council Joins Community To Appeal Dutra Approval The Petaluma City Council voted tonight after a Closed Session   meeting, to appeal Judge Chouteau’s Dec. 23, 2011 decision (upholding Sonoma County’s approval of the Dutra asphalt factory at Haystack Landing. ) The Superior Court decision will   be challenged in Appellate Court in San Francisco by the City of Petaluma, holding together the   original coalition of plaintiffs, which includes Friends of Shollenberger Park, Moms for Clean Air, The Madrone Audubon Society, Petaluma Tomorrow, The Petaluma River Council and several individuals.   The vote was 6 in favor of appeal, and one, Council Member Albertson, against. The Petaluma   Council heard citizens speak during Public Comment at 5:30 PM tonight at City Hall. People from all walks of life in Petaluma from Downtown Business Association Executive Director, Marie McCusker 
   to David Keller, Petaluma River Council, to former Mayor Pam Torliatt   made a forceful case


400 hundred people and dogs gathered at Shollenberger Park to protest the approval of the Dutra Asphalt factory across the river from its paths. Oldsters, kids, dogs on leashes, babies in strollers, bikers, Occupiers all heeded the call to STAND UP FOR OUR PARK given by Friends of Shollenberger, Moms for Clean Air, and Occupy Petaluma. It was a real Petaluma Grass Roots Day – the kind of experience that reminds you why we all love Petaluma and the Park so much and want to live here in peace and good health. Click here for video Bug Deakin, Heritage Salvage motored gallantly by in his Cutter, then stopped to read aloud his wonderful poem, “Ode to Dutra!” Poetry to tell Dutra to go way and leave our birds alone! Hundreds waved from the Viewing Platform shouting DUCKS NOT TRUCKS and SAVE OUR PARK and NO DUTRA NO DUTRA. The crowd then walked in solidarity together to the dredge spoil pond and stood before the expansive vista of the Measure D Voter Mandate protected wetlands. “
Untitled Document Join Us! Sunday, January 15 3:30p to 4:30p At Shollenberger Park! Sunday promises to be a beautiful warm sunny day! Perfect for being outdoors! Come join your friends and neighbors on a walk around Shollenberger Park on Sunday, January 15 from 3:30 to 4:30 to show your support for the park and the appeal. Scott Hess will be there to take a HUGE group photo of us at 4:00. The photo will be taken at the viewing platform - which is right across from where Dutra is planning to built its noxious asphalt plant. Stand up for your wetlands and let everyone know you think the sanctity of our Shollenberger Park wetlands and the quality of life in Petaluma are worth saving. Everyone - parents, kids, elders, runners, cyclists, birders, rowers, Occupiers, teachers, students: walk, run, dance, ride your bike, or paddle your kayak - and bring a friend or two! Bring the whole family! See you there! Please share this email with your friends! Thank you!! Friends of


Please sign our Petition and send a message to the Petaluma City Council to do what's right, stay the course, join the community coalition of non-profits and individuals as plaintiffs in this appeal. Click Here to download the full text of Judge Chouteau's decision.

DONTRA! No Asphalt Plant Next to Our Park!

Untitled Document DONTRA! NO Asphalt Factory Next To Our Park! ROUND TWO! "Stay The Course" "It Takes A Community" to protect itself. Judge Chouteau's flawed decision needs to be challenged in a higher court. That's why our justice system has an appellate court. Preserving wetlands for the good of the planet and all of us living beings leads to a healthy future. Allowing an industrial factory on the banks of the river is going backwards to the bad old times. Petaluma doesn't want this factory at its Gateway, but Dutra does. Who wins, who loses? It goes against the 2020 County General Plan guiding principle: The County should cooperate with cities when planning for parcels in their sphere of influence, just outside the city limits. KNOWN IMPACTS OF THE DUTRA ASPHALT FACTORY: Judge Chouteau's legal ruling doesn't change the DUTRA Asphalt factory. It's still the same noxious factory. A FUTURE DUTRA FACTORY: Still S