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Shamrock requests release from Dutra Asphalt Plant lawsuit.

NEWS FLASH! Shamrock requests release from Dutra Asphalt Plant lawsuit. April 19, 2011 Shamrock has filed a demurrer in Sonoma County Superior Court, arguing that they are not a real party of interest in the Dutra Petaluma Asphalt Plant case, got no approvals from the county to do anything on their land, and should be dismissed from the case. They argue that Shamrock and Corto Meno Sand & Gravel in fact never agreed to be a part of Dutra's project, have no agreement to do so, and that any such inclusion in the Dutra project is incorrect. Shamrock's claim shows that the County's EIR and Dutra Asphalt Plant Project approvals are patently inadequate because Shamrock never agreed to the Dutra Project that the County approved. The conditions of approval require that Dutra's Asphalt Plant Project must be built on a portion of Shamrock's property which must be conveyed to Dutra's ownership, destroying wetlands required to be created as mitigation for

White Swan Rummage Sale April 17!

Next Sunday April 17, we are hosting a booth located at the Mail Depot. Our goal is to raise more funds to further support our legal battle against Dutra Apshalt Plant. We are looking for sellable donated items and a few volunteers to help staff the booth on Sunday. . Thank you for your continued support. Regards, Save Shollenberger Fund Raising Committee Contact: 707-280-0291