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PRESERVE and PROTECT SHOLLENBERGER PARK Choose one or more, only $20 each. Your sponsorship helps Friends of Shollenberger Park do the work to preserve these animals and their nests and burrows. ____ x $20= _____ River Otter ____ x $20= _____ Western Pond Turtle ____ x $20= _____ Red-shouldered Hawk ____ x $20= _____ Red-tailed Hawk ____ x $20= _____ White-tailed Kite ____ x $20=_____ Barn Owl ____ x $20=_____ American White Pelican ____ x $20=_____ Great Egret ____ x $20=_____ Great Blue Heron ____ x $20= _____ Ruddy Duck Family ____ x $20=_____ Cinnamon Teal pair ____ x $20=_____ American Kestrel (a falcon) Subtotal: _____ Shipping: $4 Total: _____ Payment by check only. Make check payable to Friends of Shollenberger Park and send to : Friends of Shollenberger Park PO Box 2114, Petaluma, CA 94953 For each animal chosen, YOU WILL RECEIVE: • A beautiful 8 x 10 color photograph of the animal • An official certificate of adoption • A BIG THANK YOU from all of the animals who live at Sho

Lawsuit Filed January 14, 2011

For Immediate Release: January 14, 2011, Petaluma, Calif. Destructive Dutra Asphalt Plant Challenged The City of Petaluma, community groups and individual citizens seek a legal remedy to protect the environment from Dutra's asphalt plant construction and operations at Haystack Landing, Petaluma, Calif. Today, the City of Petaluma and a large coalition of citizen groups and individuals have filed a lawsuit challenging the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors' flawed approval on Dec. 14, 2011, of the Dutra Haystack Landing Asphalt and Recycling Plant. The Plaintiffs maintain that the Dutra Asphalt Plant would blight the gateway to Sonoma County and Petaluma, harm the health of residents, businesses and visitors, and negatively impact the development of our local and regional economy. The factory would injure and discourage birds, fish and wildlife which use the Petaluma River and Marsh. Plaintiffs also assert that the Dutra factory operations would also destroy the peace, beauty