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One way to stop the construction of Dutra’s asphalt plant at Haystack Landing is to convince the County Supervisors that it is against the public’s will to approve this project. Help continue the enormous groundswell of community opposition by utilizing these flyers and documents. They are available to you to print out, distribute via e-mail or on your website. Take them around your neighborhood, dog park, school yard, wherever you go.

This is our two-page, call-to-action flyer. If you are duplicating this document, be sure to print both pages back-to-back in an effort to save paper.

It's now 3-2 in our favor. Help make sure the straw vote becomes final.

This is the Wrong Plant in the Wrong Place. Don't let the spin campaign influence your community.

Their national record of violations, fines, and a Marin County Grand Jury investigation tell us that they are not a “good neighbor.”

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  1. Dear Efren Carrillo, It is getting very close to the vote, part of your platform was to work on protecting the environment, protecting the wetlands and the wildlife, I hope you meant what you said, Please say no to Dutre, save our environment and wild life, they are so delicate and precious and need you to help save them,

    Cathy Dunphy


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