Dutra Asphalt Plant will have "A Significant Impact on Highway Operations"

Misleading Dutra claim #8 in our 15 reasons why this is the Wrong Plant in the Wrong Place:

8. Claim: This plant would “reduce truck traffic on highway 101”

Not so fast…

“The project would add trips to congested segments of southbound Highway 101 during the AM peak hour, which is a potentially significant impact. The project could potentially add traffic to northbound Highway 101 during the PM peak hour where traffic has been observed to break down which is also a potentially significant impact. The project would add traffic to the congested southbound ramps during the AM peak hour where operation would be LOS F without project traffic. This is a potentially significant impact.

Overall the project has a significant impact on highway operations.”

~ Dutra Environmental Impact Report
(Vol. 1, V.J. Transportation/Traffic Pg. 28)


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