Dutra Asphalt Plant could operate 24/7 80% of the time

Misleading Dutra claim #11 in our 15 reasons why this is the Wrong Plant in the Wrong Place:

Claim: Normal operating hours will be Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm, and the plant will only operate 24/7 when “required to do so by Caltrans, County or municipal projects”

yet their own website states:

“Over 80% of the aggregate and asphalt that leaves the Dutra Materials plant will be used for publicly funded road and infrastructure projects either for the County of Sonoma, the City of Petaluma, Caltrans or other government agencies.”

(above image is a photo of an existing large asphalt plant adjacent to a river that is operating at night. It is not a simulation of the proposed Dutra Asphalt Plant at Shollenberger)



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