County Planning Commission Recommends Approval...Barely

The Sonoma County Planning Commission approved, by one vote (3-2), a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to allow a text amendment to the General Plan so that proposed excessive noise from barge offloading by Dutra Materials, which exceeds County noise standards and cannot be mitigated, could be allowed. This action now moves the whole project proposal back to the Board of Supervisors for a decision on June 9th.

Do you find this acceptable?

We need the community to STAND UP and express your concerns in any way possible. On June 9th, these five individuals will determine whether or not our community will be forced to accept an asphalt plant at Haystack Landing.


Click here to email the four Supervisors that previously voted to approve this plant.

Call & Fax:
PHONE (707) 565-2241
FAX (707) 565-3778


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