Between Now and July 21st

We have taken one more step in ensuring the protection of Shollenberger Park, its wildlife, and our citizens! The finish line may be in sight, and the scoreboard now in our favor, but you can be sure that Dutra will not go quietly into the night. We are extremely proud of the three Sonoma County Supervisors for stating the position that they cannot support approval of the asphalt plant proposal; however continued energy and effort is vital up until the formal vote on July 21st.

Sincere gratitude goes out to our courageous community for standing up to the status quo of power brokering and tit for tat destruction of our environment. We've proven that when people work together, we are a force to reckon with!

Please do continue to send letters of thanks to the three Supervisors that voted for Shollenberger Park, its wildlife, and the people of Petaluma and Sonoma County - Shirlee Zane, Valerie Brown and Efren Carrillo. We would like to thank them for taking the path of the best and highest decision in the public interest, for being dedicated to our future, and for having vision and understanding of the complex issues related to this proposal. Also, for the health, livelihood, environment and prosperity of Sonoma County, while respecting all of our cities' urban growth boundaries and General Plans. We very much look forward to their votes on July 21, finalizing the decisions expressed yesterday (Tuesday June 9th) to keep Dutra from locating their asphalt plant at Haystack Landing.

As Alan Pendley said, and we sincerely second: "We will NEVER stop fighting to protect Shollenberger Park."

Congratulations to all the volunteers who put in so many hours to save our park. Thank you!


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