Proud of Petaluma - Litigation Planned if Dutra Plan Passes

"... if the Board of Supervisors disregards the important and well-founded concerns voiced by the City Council, the Petaluma River Council, and numerous other groups, interested persons and citizens, please be assured that the City Council stands ready to join litigation on behalf of the City to ensure that all important public policy and legal issues raised by the [Dutra] Project are properly addressed in accordance with applicable law."

"In these very difficult economic times, the Petaluma City Council believes that now is a time when public agencies should cooperate as good stewards of local and regional resources and minimize the expenditure of public funds on litigation. Nevertheless, the City of Petaluma is ready to take action to help safeguard important local and regional resources like the Petaluma River corridor and Shollenberger Park."

~ Pamela Torliatt, Mayor, City of Petaluma

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