Join Us to Celebrate the Completion of the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility

"Using a combination of treatment methods, including ultraviolet rays and natural wetlands, the plant will produce more than 464 million gallons of recycled water a year — enough to offset the water use of 1,400 single-family homes, the city said."

Ellis Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Trails link with Shollenberger Park's Trails and will together provide approximately 8 miles of walking paths through the wetlands and along ponds. Ellis Creek and Shollenberger Park are linked together ecologically, physically and financially. The 500+ acres of Shollenberger, Alman Marsh and Ellis Creek were acquired and restored with a pooling of resources for protection of this wildlife habitat by the City of Petaluma, The Coastal , Conservancy and the Open Space District. Your tax dollars at work.

The proposed Dutra asphalt plant on the banks of the Petaluma River, just across from Shollenbreger Park, would degrade and pollute the wetlands, marshes and wildlife sanctuary with toxic by-products of asphalt production and diesel exhaust, excessive noise, toxic storm water runoff, and a disturbing industrial presence. Visitors to this special area could be exposed to significant health risks, and damage to wildlife and habitat could be devastating.

Preserve and protect this environment for almost 200 species of birds, 150,000 visitors a year, and defend our tax dollar investment already made to create this international birding destination. Donate today to help fund our fight to defeat the approval of the Dutra Apshalt Plant.

Join us at the Completion Ceremony!

RSVP to Denise Hill at 707.778-4584 or by e-mail at


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