Dutra has a Terminal Gas Problem

There are two PG&E 12" High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipelines that cross the Petaluma River in the vicinity of the Dutra Project site. These pipelines cross the Petaluma River and traverse directly through the Dutra Parcel. This location is noted briefly in the Draft Environmental Impact Report, and is verified by PG&E maps (Exhibit 10 below), 4'x8' Warning signs (Exhibits 3; 4; 5), plastic flagging on site, recorded easements (Exhibit 11), and conversations with PG&E personnel.

The actual location of these Gas Pipelines on the Dutra Parcel A conflicts directly with Dutra's proposed mooring location for their barge and tug.

The PG&E Warning signs read: "WARNING. DO NOT ANCHOR OR DREDGE. GAS PIPELINE CROSSING. PG&E 1-(800) 811-4111"

The Draft EIR states:
Dutra Haystack Landing Asphalt & Recycling Facility III. Project Description.
Area A: "Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has a high pressure gas transmission main (450 PSI) that runs under the Petaluma River and through this parcel." (DEIR, Page III-11)

However, once again, as Dutra misrepresented the location of the Federal Dredged Navigational Channel on its displays, the map (Exhibits 2; 8; 9) and photomap exhibits supplied by Dutra to the US Coast Guard, to Sonoma County PRMD and to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for the purposes of gaining agency permits and environmental approvals are significantly erroneous: they do not match the actual gas transmission pipeline locations on Dutra Parcel A.

Dutra consistently misrepresents the locations, placing the two PG&E Gas Pipelines on the adjacent Shamrock parcel (APN 019-220-15) to the north, instead of their real location crossing Dutra Parcel A.

According to PG&E, these parallel 12" pipelines are the redundant river crossings of a major high pressure gas transmission pipeline that runs from Marin County to Mendocino County. The two pipelines, approximately 60' apart, are joined back together on each shore of the river at a series of valves. On the Shollenberger Park side, these valves are located just landward of the river-bank walking path, and are contained within the center of a semi-circular berm and path easily seen from aerial photos (Exhibit 1; 6). West of the Petaluma River, the valves and pressure regulator are located within a fenced area just past the railroad tracks, directly west of Dutra's Parcel A. (Exhibit 1; 7)

PG&E staff states that the 4'x8' Warning signs on each bank (Dutra and Shollenberger) are centered directly over the buried gas lines, for a total of four highly visible signs facing the Petaluma River. The accuracy of the Warning sign locations is confirmed by more recent survey markings for both pipelines, painted on the paved path behind one sign on the Shollenberger Park location, and with small yellow and black plastic flags on the ground on both sides of both signs on the Dutra parcel.

As a result of Dutra's failure to accurately represent the locations of the two PG&E Gas Transmission Pipelines crossing Dutra Parcel A, and PRMD Staff and Consultant's failure to follow through with any description and analysis of the impacts of the proposed location of a barge and tug mooring facility and materials unloading facilities directly across these Gas Pipelines, the validity, feasibility and accuracy of the FEIR and this critical Petaluma River-based transportation component of Dutra's proposed Asphalt Plant is in serious doubt.

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