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The Candidates Weigh in on Dutra's apshalt Factory Proposal
Petaluma Argus - May 2, 2010

Pamela Torliatt:
The city, working with the Coastal Conservancy, Sonoma County OpenSpace District, National Parks Services, private companies and non-profit organizations, has invested millions of dollars to build eco-tourism and attract environmentally friendly businesses to Petaluma. The proposed Dutra asphalt batch and recycling plant puts this huge investment at risk that more than 150,000 people visit and enjoy annually. The visual impacts of the asphalt plant's two 70-foot asphalt emission stacks and storage silos cannot be overcome through mitigation.

Mike Healy:
I oppose the proposed asphalt plant. I do agree that a south countyasphalt plant would be helpful, if a suitable site can be identified. That hasn't happened yet. But it isn't accurate to imply that the condition of local streets has anything to do with this issue. That is entirely a funding issue.

John King:
One of the biggest stumbling blocks is the unlawful conduct claims against the Dutra facility in Marin County. We know the southern end of Sonoma County can survive without a new plant, but its intended location does have value in terms of providing material without additional transport costs and traffic loading on regional roads as product is hauled from Santa Rosa southward. As 2nd District supervisor, I need to satisfy the remaining questions I have in terms of what additional measures can be taken to diminish air pollution and related risks.

David Rabbitt:
Better community outreach up front when the proposal was first initiated might have helped alleviate some concerns or at least the community would have been given a venue to share their thoughts. I do believe the south county needs a local source of asphalt, more so with the anticipated freeway and road improvements. I believe the number of jobs created and augmented is significant as well as the money saved through proximity. Aesthetically, I have concerns, especially as one enters Petaluma from the south. For me, it remains to be seen whether these concerns can be remedied and overcome.


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