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1. WRITE A CHECK TO: OWL FOUNDATION, memo, Friends of Shollenberger


2. CLICK DONATE (in upper right hand corner of website) TO LINK to the

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Legal Defense Fund

Friends of Shollenberger Park

P.O. Box 2114

Petaluma, CA 94953


1. Shollenberger Park and the Petaluma Wetlands are in danger of degradation by the proposed Dutra asphalt factory and associated 147,000 truck trips a year.

2. Legal action can challenge the Sonoma Board of Supervisors 3-2 vote for the project and protect the environment.

Zoning changes, General Plan Amendments, and building permits can be stopped – but it will take your commitment and your financial support.

3.Our top legal team of CEQA attorneys will save the day for our park, our wildlife, our air quality, and our vision for a healthy Petaluma for tomorrow – give to the Legal Fund to Save Shollenberger today!

Don’t wait, this appeal is time sensitive, as sensitive as the eco-system of the Petaluma Wetlands, as sensitive as the developing lungs of our children. Every donation helps and is gratefully received.

Friends of Shollenberger Park thanks you for your support! We welcome your participation and input.


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