Your favorite bird lover, grandchild, niece or nephew, daughter or son, teacher or nature lover will appreciate knowing your gift helped save the salt water marsh inhabitants of the Petaluma Wetlands. They'll receive a beautiful color photo (8 x 10) of the animal of your choice, a certificate of adoption, and a BIG THANK YOU from all of the animals who live at Shollenberger Park.

For each animal adopted, YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • A beautiful 8 x 10 color photograph of the animal
  • An official certificate of adoption
  • A BIG THANK YOU from all of the animals who live at Shollenberger Park!

Order by Dec. 20, 2011 for local Christmas Delivery

$20 River Otter
$20 Western Pond Turtle
$20 Red-shouldered Hawk
$20 Red-tailed Hawk
$20 White-tailed Kite
$20 Barn Owl
$20 American White Pelican
$20 Great Egret
$20 Great Blue Heron
$20 Ruddy Duck
$20 Cinnamon Teal pair
$20 American Kestrel (a falcon)

Also Available: 50 Birds of Shollenberger
Our full color hard-covered book ( 8" x 8") of photos taken by Senior Docent Bob Dyer at Shollenberger Park and the Petaluma Wetlands. A great gift for all ages, makes it easier to identify the wildlife you meet when walking the paths at Shollenberger. Signed by the artist. $40 + $4 Shipping

Sample Photos from 50 Birds of Shollenberger

Green Heron
Eurasian (Common) Teal
American Kestrel
American White Pelican


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