400 hundred people and dogs gathered at Shollenberger Park to protest the approval of the Dutra Asphalt factory across the river from its paths. Oldsters, kids, dogs on leashes, babies in strollers, bikers, Occupiers all heeded the call to STAND UP FOR OUR PARK given by Friends of Shollenberger, Moms for Clean Air, and Occupy Petaluma.

It was a real Petaluma Grass Roots Day – the kind of experience that reminds you why we all love Petaluma and the Park so much and want to live here in peace and good health.

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Bug Deakin, Heritage Salvage motored gallantly by in his Cutter, then stopped to read aloud his wonderful poem, “Ode to Dutra!” Poetry to tell Dutra to go way and leave our birds alone!

Hundreds waved from the Viewing Platform shouting DUCKS NOT TRUCKS and SAVE OUR PARK and NO DUTRA NO DUTRA.

The crowd then walked in solidarity together to the dredge spoil pond and stood before the expansive vista of the Measure D Voter Mandate protected wetlands.

“Look south,” Bill Kortum,  our much loved environmental leader and former Supervisor,  once said to me and then Sup. Candidate Mike Maguire. “What do you see?” “Nothing but wetlands and sky,”  we replied. “That’s because the voters wanted it that way .” Open and free of industrial blight and development.

Yes, nothing but  birds and blue sky and a view of a cleaner future for our children and their children. Worth appealing and preserving. That’s something.

Photographer Scott Hess captured the inspiring moment of young and old standing together united to save the park. Videographers Sebastian Nau, Kaye Chandler, Beau Bouverat and others filmed the crowd.

Friends of Shollenberger wants to thank Lorna Johnson and Eve O’Rourke for gathering the community together by envisioning this Rally and bringing us all together and giving us this wonderful day.

Also many thanks to OCCUPY Petaluma who kicked off  our rally on Saturday with a wonderful street side demonstration at Washington and Petaluma Blvd.

Our message to the City Council:

“Petaluma City Council must join the appeal. STAY THE COURSE.”

Write your City Council this week – AGAIN.

Drop Everything and Come to the City Council Meeting:
City Hall, English St. Petaluma, CA
Hear their decision face to face.

We will appeal and we will prevail


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