Our May Meetup at the Park


Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Group Photo shoot last Saturday at Shollenberger. It was so exhilarating to see everyone as the rainstorm cleared and blue sky greeted us! Scott Hess, our expert volunteer photographer, sent up his drone and captured our high spirits. The group photo will be coming soon.
Saving Shollenberger from the toxic pollution, blight, and noise of Dutra's proposed asphalt factory (and 250 per day permitted diesel truck access) has been a 15 year effort of the whole community.
Our elected representatives past and present were there. Mary Kadri, PWA President and several PWA members - stewards of our park - joined to make this a truly energizing gathering. Long time supporters and new volunteers were there to say: "We are here and will continue to work to preserve and protect our park, river, and wetlands."
Here are some candid photos of the gathering. Send your photos of the park to saveshollenberger@gmail.com and we'll post them! Scott's photo will soon appear.
Next stop: An informational evening gathering at Aqus in June to inform and expand our community. Date to be announced.


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